Unified Management
The fully virtualized data center is automated and managed by intelligent, policy-based software, vastly simplifying governance and operations. A single, unified management platform lets you centrally monitor and administer all applications across physical geographies, heterogeneous infrastructure and hybrid clouds. You can run any application anywhere and move workloads seamlessly across deployment platforms. IT becomes agile, elastic and responsive to a degree never before possible.

Cloud Operations
Self-learning analytics and intuitive performance dashboards provide real-time visibility into the constantly-changing dynamics of virtualized operations. Pre-emptive alerts let you identify, troubleshoot and rectify potential issues before they impact service quality—trimming capital expenditures by up to 30% and improving IT productivity by as much as 67%.

Over- and under-provisioned VMs are easy to identify and right-size to maximize resource utilization. Powerful capacity modeling lets you run “what if” scenarios to anticipate and optimize future infrastructure spend. And log management capabilities extend analytics to unstructured data, for better visibility and faster problem resolution.

Cloud Automation
Resources are provisioned via a self-service portal where authorized administrators, developers or business users can request cloud services that comply with pre-defined business policies. Deployment is highly streamlined: the right levels of resources are automatically allocated to applications and services based on their business and service-level requirements. Workloads are dynamically and continually orchestrated and balanced as dictated by changing patterns of demand.

Cloud Business
As a unified and standardized environment, the software-defined data center introduces new levels of cost transparency and accountability. In essence, IT can now be run like a business. You can track, show and charge back the quantity and types of IT services consumed by a business unit, application or customer at fine-grained levels of detail. CIOs and IT executives can demonstrate and compare the costs of complex initiatives and investments, including private and public clouds. Industry benchmark data and reporting let you compare your IT expenses to peer companies and cloud service providers, for informed sourcing decisions that drive down costs.